Trainings & Workshops

SCERTS Framework:

Emily Rubin MS, CCC-SLP is the key collaborator of The SCERTS Model and the major trainer for Oasis School For Autism since 2016.

Emily provides support for the development of community-viable models of staff training. Her focus is on building the capacity of school systems and early intervention providers to serve as informed consumers of evidence-based practices. Oasis School’s staff is very fortunate to have received the training from the towering practitioners worldwide.

  • Jackie Harland, Director of Services & Consultant Speech and Language Therapist visited us in 2012 and conducted extensive training sessions with the staff members. Jackie is a consultant speech and language therapist who has been in pediatrics for over 30 years and is a founder of the London Children’s Practice.
  • Training in the year 2015 related to Play Therapy and Communication Skills development with Gaby Jungst, Speech and Language Pathologist, Netherlands was helpful for the team at Oasis School for Autism

TEACCH Training:

The TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children) framework is an evidence-based approach developed by Professor Gary B. Mesibov at the University of North Carolina. It is designed to support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder by providing a structured environment and individualized visual supports to promote independence and functional skills.

Attending a five-day extensive training session conducted by Dr. Gary B. Mesibov in Dubai was a valuable opportunity for the Oasis team to learn directly from one of the Pioneers of the TEACCH framework.

Makaton Signs Workshop:

Oasis School For Autism has learned several evidence-based practices and academic structures in collaboration with Five Acre Wood School, Maidstone Kent, UK. It has been a delight working with Peggy Murphy, Principal FAW School, and their Senior Team, who visited us in October 2022 and conducted extensive training related to the curriculum development assessment process and also trained our staff in a range of evidence-based practices, including
Makaton signs and symbols program. Makaton is a unique language program that uses symbols and signs to support communication and spoken language development. It is widely used and has proven to be beneficial for individuals with a range of communication difficulties, including autism.