Functional Curriculum Areas
Our Mission
The Functional Learning Approach is a way to help students with moderate, severe and complex learning difficulties. Students continue to focus on a broad range of areas including Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, Personal and Social Development. The major focus is on their Employability and Vocational pathways. This is to ensure that our students leave school as independent individuals and are able to make choice according to their strengths. Activities in the Functional Learning Approach therefore reflect the age and changing needs of our students. This means that the curriculum is based on the teaching of functional skills with the aim of students being able to generalise and apply these in as many everyday contexts and in as many practical ways within the community as possible.
Curriculum Objectives

Primary aim of our Functional Curriculum is to develop and nurture independence, confidence and self-esteem in students approaching teenage or who are now young adults:

  • Developing and Generalising wide range of knowledge and skills to attain independence is the key objective of Functional Leaning.
  • Equipping students to Initiate and develop healthy social relationships.
  • We focus on enabling students to employ organization skills across all settings so that they can make effective choices and decisions.
  • Having their own aspirations in life is another skill that we are catering in Functional Curriculum.
  • The phase where students need to get ready for adulthood can be challenging, the functional curriculum aims to develop a sense of personal safety and self-advocacy skills in our students.Enabling students to plan for vocational/career pathways according to their interest, strengths and needs.
Areas Of Learning

Personal and Social Development

Life Skills and Related Learning

Vocational and Creative Skills

Functional Literacy

Information and Computer Technology