is an exclusive art initiative by Oasis School For Autism that recognizes talent and promotes artworks by individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. was conceived by Inaam Zafar, a visual artist and painter, who has been a member of the Oasis team since 2010. Recognizing the individualized, recurring patterns in the drawings and paintings of the young students at the Oasis School, he curated a collection of artworks built and collected over the span of eight years.

Formally launched in March 2019, debuted with a major art exhibition at Alhamra Gallery in Lahore titled “Mapping the Genius,” showcasing over 600 works by just 14 students.

The paintings collectively evoke a sense of unity and uniformity in expression, which is a notable characteristic of the disciplined nature of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The purpose of the exhibition was to transform ASD which is clinically perceived into a truly beautiful spectacle

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