About Us
Our Mission
Oasis School’s Mission is to provide education and therapy needs to children and young people on Autism spectrum disorder and facilitate support for the affected families.

How we approach this incredible task changes constantly. At the heart of every decision we make is our students at Oasis School. We strive to give each of them exactly what they need to become confident, happy, lifelong learners. They are what drive our choices for how we design curriculum, how we train our teachers, how we strengthen the brain, how we hire employees, what we fundraise for, and so much more.

How We Fulfill Our Mission
Each classroom is equipped and organized to meet the specific needs of the student
Teaches students skills that enable them to become responsible active learners and to make them more independent through visual schedules, communication books and work-stations.

Children on Autism Spectrum have difficulties in social interaction, play and communication skills. SCERTS Framework helps the children to communicate and interact by using opportunities that occur naturally throughout the day.
Celebrates the uniqueness and strengths of individuals on Autism Spectrum.

We Believe…

…that our student-led- structured teaching approach enables students to become independent and learn within an enticing environment. We give each child what they most need by building on students’ strengths while addressing learning differences.

We Believe…

…Oasis School for Autism has a highly-skilled team of compassionate therapists and teachers working in accordance to academic curriculums and intervention strategies for the students.

We Believe…

…that social-emotional well-being is essential for both academic and personal growth. We actively create a setting where students feel safe, valued, and connected by acknowledging and celebrating difference.