SCERTS Framework

Practical Implications & Evidence-Based Practices – Intermediate Level Training

SCERTS training is an Overview for Professionals and parents to learn the basic principles behind the SCERTS Model and its main components (Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, and Transactional Support). The training program helps the participants understand the purpose and benefits of using the SCERTS approach with autistic students.
During the training, our experts will provide ample resources and hands-on activities to ensure that the participants understand how the SCERTS Model works and how to plan and Implement Evidence-based Practices in the SCERTS Model in various settings, including home, school, community, and more.
Furthermore, our training program helps recognize how the SCERTS framework provides a comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of students with communication difficulties and identifying evidence-based practices aligned with each component of the SCERTS framework.

Emily Rubin MS, CCC-SLP is the key collaborator of The SCERTS Model and the major trainer for Oasis School For Autism since 2016.

Emily provides support for the development of community-viable models of staff training. Her focus is on building the capacity of school systems and early intervention providers to serve as informed consumers of evidence-based practices. Oasis School’s staff is very fortunate to have received the training from the towering practitioners worldwide.

  • Jackie Harland, Director of Services & Consultant Speech and Language Therapist visited us in 2012 and conducted extensive training sessions with the staff members. Jackie is a consultant speech and language therapist who has been in pediatrics for over 30 years and is a founder of the London Children’s Practice.
  • Training in the year 2015 related to Play Therapy and Communication Skills development with Gaby Jungst, Speech and Language Pathologist, Netherlands was helpful for the team at Oasis School for Autism