Makaton Signs Workshop

Makaton Signs workshop offers invaluable tools for parents and teachers navigating the world of Autism. These workshops enhance communication by teaching a simplified sign language system, fostering better understanding and connection with individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Makaton Signs and Symbols program is a comprehensive support system that helps in developing verbal language skills along with communication. By equipping caregivers with Makaton skills, they can bridge communication gaps, promote independence, and create supportive environments where individuals with Autism can thrive.

Oasis School For Autism has learned several evidence-based practices and academic structures in collaboration with Five Acre Wood School, Maidstone Kent, UK. It has been a delight working with Peggy Murphy, Principal FAW School, and their Senior Team, who visited us in October 2022 and conducted extensive training related to the curriculum development assessment process and also trained our staff in a range of evidence-based practices, including
Makaton signs and symbols program. Makaton is a unique language program that uses symbols and signs to support communication and spoken language development. It is widely used and has proven to be beneficial for individuals with a range of communication difficulties, including autism.